Stay Charged.

Increase time and money spent in your venues with Charge Powerbanks.

Download Charge to find your nearest location!

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How it works

Using Charge Powerbanks

Download Charge on the App Store or Google Play

Sign up & Scan the QR code on any Charge kiosk

Grab a powerbank, charge your device and return it at any Charge kiosk

For Venues

Increase Time & Money Spent in Your Venue

Request a Charge Powerbank kiosk by emailing us or filling in the form below

Once approved, your Charge Powerbank kiosk arrives within 7 days

Plug your station in to a power outlet nearby and you’re good to go

See happier customers spend more time in your venues and increase their spend

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Restaurants and Bars

Increase the time your customers stay at your venue while reducing the number of questions concerning charging for your employees.

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See happier hotel guests spend more time out exploring the city.

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See happier students and faculty spend more time doing what they do best. Learning and teaching.

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See happier attendees spend more time in your venues and increase their spend.

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Become a Charging Venue

Your customers want to stay connected, and Charge is the most convenient way to keep them charged — plus, it’s free!

Plug and Play

Feature your venue on the Charge map that’s accessed by every user.

Enhance Experience

Keep your customers connected and free up time for staff to accommodate to other needs.

Increase Dwell Time

The portable power banks include cables for all types of phones, giving you the freedom to charge on-the-go.

Customer Spend

The longer customers are in your venue, the more they’ll spend.

Get a charge Station

The Convenience of Charge Powerbanks

We install, manage and maintain the stations at no cost to you. There is no complicated on-boarding or installation process, you simply plug the kiosk in and our app educates the users.

Plug and Play

Charge stations simply requires a plug socket and can be set up in under 5 minutes.

Self Service

Our stations are fully automated, leaving your staff to do what they do best.

Portable Power

Users can charge their phones at their own convenience, providing a better experience.

Custom Branded

For a small fee we can produce custom branding for your kiosk.