Earn Additional Revenue from Currently Unutilized Parking Spaces

Installing a Charge docking station provides a unique way to utilize excess parking spaces and generates a low-touch revenue stream.

Getting Started is Easy:
Provide your location specifications: lot size, power limits, address, etc.
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Receive your charging station and start earning! Our staff is standing by 24/7 to support any of your customer service needs.

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How To Make Money Charging Electric Vehicles

Do you Have Empty Space?

Parking Lot


Vacant Property

Freight Area

Loading Dock

Secondary Entrance

Do You Have Enough Space?

- The bigger the space, the better! It’s important to remember, however, that there is a limit to the number of vehicles a single charging station can power.

- Larger spaces, capable of supporting 10+ docks will require multiple charging stations.

- An 8.5ft by 10ft is minimally required.

Do You Have Enough Power?

- Operating a single charging station of 185 sq. ft (8.5ft x 10ft) will allow for charging 10 vehicles at once requiring a maximum 1.14 kW/hr.

- Each vehicle requires at least 0.11kW of charging power per hour, and the number of vehicles you can charge at the same time depends on the square footage of our profit.

How To Get Started

Indicate Lot Size

Indicate Power Limits

Indicate Geolocation

Indicate Desired Number of Vehicles to Support

Receiving Your Charging Station

Install It

- Choose a well-lit area that the public can access 24/7.

- Our lightweight, easy to install system will have you up and running within minutes of delivery.

- Simply clear space, plug in and start making money.

Activate It

- Set it and forget it! Once installed, your job is done.

- Our charging stations require little to no maintenance, which allows you to focus your attention elsewhere.

- Our staff is standing by 24/7 ready to support any of your customer service needs!